Custom Websites

We build custom websites tailored to your specific business needs. From management systems based on the web, to e-commerce and blogs.

Our Process

1. Project Definition

In the first step of the project we discuss your goals and required functionalities to define the project scope.

2. Planning

Here we will map out the content and create a wireframe of the website's layout.

3. Designing

After the wireframe has been approved, we move on to creating the visual elements of the website, which includes colour schemes, images, etc.

4. Developing

With the designed approved, it's time to build out the website on a development server.

5. Testing

After the website has been developed, we move on to the test phase, where the goal is to find and fix before it's taken live.

6. Launch

In the launch phase we migrate the website to a production server, available to the public, and take it live!

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