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Many marketers use blogs to boost search rankings. But did you know it can also be used as a powerful way to generate leads? Today we’ll talk about how you can use your blog to turn readers into paying customers.

1. Crafting Compelling Headlines

You won’t be able to generate leads from your blog if people aren’t reading your posts. On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your blog headline, but only 2 out of 10 will actually read your post. That means you have to write strong, persuasive headlines to convince users to continue reading. Try to incorporate emotional language, numbered lists, or even a little controversy.

2. Writing Useful, Interesting Content

Every great blog has great content. And every mediocre blog serves up dull, flavourless dribble. In an attempt to crank out a ton of material, many bloggers fall into the trap of writing generic content that doesn’t offer any value to readers. Don’t be one of them. Put in the effort it takes to produce quality content. Try to help your readers answer a question or solve a problem. Content with educational value will help you establish trust with your readers–and that’s where you’ll begin to convert prospects into loyal consumers.

3. Use Persuasive Calls to Action

Every blog post should end with a strong and targeted call to action that is related to the content users just finished reading. Generic call to action statements such as “Sign up” and “Buy” are, well, generic and boring. Spice it up! Instead of “Sign up” try “Claim your Free X Today.” Instead of “Buy” try “Get started” or “Get yours now.” Play around with some different CTAs and see what works best with your audience.

4. Use Opt-In Forms Strategically

Including opt-in forms for free trials, reports, email newsletters, and other special offers gives readers the opportunity to qualify themselves as a lead. Include opt-in forms on sidebars, headers, footers and at the end of your blog posts. The more opportunities you can find to give away free stuff in exchange for contact information, the bigger (and faster) your lead list will grow.

5. Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Promoting your blog via social channels is an effective strategy to increase traffic, share your blog content, and increase your brand awareness online. The more people who know about and visit your blog, the better.

While it may sound simple, the key to generating more leads from your blog is to have a great blog. Focus on providing valuable and useful content to your users, and you will quickly turn your blog into a powerful lead-generating machine.

By Felipe Rinaldi

Felipe is an entrepreneur, graphic designer and web developer. Born in Brazil, moved to Canada in 2007, where he now helps Toronto based marketing companies with their development projects.

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